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Bohemian Multi-layered Retro Bracelet Nhgw309651

US$ 3.08
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Retro Geometric Beaded Bohemian Bracelet Nhgw307945

US$ 3.53
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New Bohemian Pu Leather Bracelet Nhbd306538

US$ 1.97
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Bohemian Multi-layer Beaded Bracelet Nhbd306532

US$ 1.30
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Bohemian Bead Ethnic Crystal Bracelet Nhbd304632

US$ 1.31
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Simple Bohemian Beaded Bracelet Nhgw303486

US$ 1.07
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Bohemian Retro Rainbow Beaded Bracelet Nhgw303475

US$ 2.93
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Bohemian Shell Leather Bracelet Nhbd303435

US$ 2.28
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Bohemian Crystal Leather Bracelet Nhbd303433

US$ 2.27
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Fashion Bohemian Leather Bracelet Nhbd303421

US$ 2.02
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Bohemian Leather Diamond Bracelet Nhbd303412

US$ 2.46
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Bohemian Wide Edge Crystal Bracelet Nhbd303426

US$ 2.07
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Fashion Bohemian Leather Bracelet Nhbd303413

US$ 1.21
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Bohemian Beaded Leaf Bracelet Nhbd303410

US$ 1.31
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Bohemian Ethnic Gold Diamond Bracelet Nhgw300914

US$ 1.48
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Boho bracelets are popular with most women because of their unique design, exquisite workmanship, retro and ethnic sense. This kind of bracelet is unique, with linen or colorful long skirts to show women's femininity and elegance.
Nihaojewelry provides professional high-quality boho bracelets with excellent reviews for wholesale products. Compare and choose your favorite products from the aspects of Bohemian bracelet price, design, quality, user purchase evaluation experience, etc. and buy them in bulk. In addition to bracelets, we also have boho ring sets and bohemian earrings for you to choose from. Hope you enjoy shopping on our website.